My CD is Broken or Corrupted / Unable to Play

Please refer Terms and Conditions page- i.e. :


25. IFS shall have no responsibility for any damage to Books, Certificates, Forms, DD / Cheques, CD / DVD, Documents or any other losses, in courier or postal services.


Please refer FAQ Section - i.e. :


What can I do if I have received a damaged item, book, CD / DVD or package? : 


If you receive an package and the content is damaged, you can return the item to us within 30 days and we'll replace them free of charge. Regarding CD / DVD we send it after proper testing, but still it is not working send it within 30 days, our concerned dept. staff will replace for you.


(In few cases we change it / replace it free of cost only once, So you can send it back on our office address to replace it in period specified above)

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